Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Looking back

Blues scarred back
Blues scar that runs down his back

Back in November 2008 Blue had gone lame, and required an urgent trip to the vets.

The diagnosis was not good, Blue had effectively a part of his spine overgrowing causing severe pain to his lower back and loss of mobility on his hind legs.

Clearly in discomfort he was taken to the world renowned Fitzpatrick Referrals 

On arrival, without delay Blue was taken into the assessment room where he was looked at by Noel Fitzpatrick, concerned with the discomfort that Blue was in he made provisions for him to have immediate health care, and was operated on the very next day.

After three anxious days we received the call we had hoped for, the operation to remove the extra portion of bone that was impacting on his spinal cord and a cause of the sudden lameness had been a success.

Though very glad to go and collect Blue, we had to ensure he remained as subdued as possible, and was quite a shock to see that a dog so full of life four days previous had now lost most of his back fur and had a prominent scar, and required a sling to support him to walk.

Very few pictures of Blue were taken during the next six months, but each day we scrutinised his every move, there were regular trips back to Surrey, in order to monitor his progress. 

During this time we needed to ensure he had regular but not excessive exercise, and when given the all clear that the wound had healed sufficiently he began hydrotherapy, which was very very slow, Blue would go through a hole packet of treats before he was enticed into the hydro-pool.

Monitoring his progress on walking, the longer you watched him the worse he got, in the end, we accepted that he was a dog with an awkward walk.

As a patient Blue was very good, his self confidence had took a battering, which did return along with his improved mobility.

Blue and us are so grateful for all the help we had through his recovery, all dogs are special, but Blue is extra special in our eyes as he had to endure life changing surgery at such a young age.

We hoped to do agility with Blue, but that was advised against, we are just so very grateful he managed to have the opportunity to grow into a fully grown adult. 

Blue has ascended Skiddaw and Helvellyn in the Lake District and a few mountains in Scotland, but we always know when we reach our limit, as we did at Haystacks last year.

Blue and Sue on Helvellyn
Blue and Sue on Helvellyn

Only now do we look back, in the past we had only ever been concerned with Blues future, he has grown up to lead an active life and has an incredible character, testament to veterinary science and all the staff and people connected with such a great profession.

One other special thanks goes to Aquadoggies, where the facilities they have, are beneficial and enjoyable for Blue to this day, which is where he will be tonight.