Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Something different in his smile (Occam's Razor)

Say cheese

Blue was happy playing in the garden having a great time with his pool and his footballs.

Uploading his pictures onto Flickr, one stood out, he was catching bubbles, another of his favoured games.

Looking closer, his canine teeth seemed to be less prominent than they should be, so the search began, what could be the cause.

      • Kong Blue has a kong stuffed with treats when we go out to work, as this is a very regular activity, could it be that he was wearing his teeth out extracting the treats.

      • Ceramic bowl breakfast is served in a ceramic bowl, and Blue is often trying to remove the pattern as well as the contents

      • Bones these are few and far between so unlikely to be the cause

      • Logs and twigs a favourite of blues, but prefers to carry, and snap smaller twigs, again not enough to cause the wearing down on the scale seen.

      • Stones no not even on his radar

Then came the eureka moment when it struck me,
could this be the cause, lets look at the facts.

Blue plays with this ball every day, sometimes several times a day, the ball is hard and durable, designed to be virtually indestructible, though now it is showing signs of serious wear and tear. Blue has managed to put a hole in it and change its shape. His canine teeth will be the main point of contact.

To ensure there is no further wearing down of his teeth, the "jollyball" will be semi-retired, out of sight, out of mine and a more tooth friendly alternative introduced into Blue's world.

The "JollyBall" has been a great success with Blue, sadly too successful. To other dog lovers, I highly recommend this ball with a caution, not to overuse.

Excuse the pun, but I may be barking up the wrong tree, but it is the only remaining viable explanation.

Occam's razor

It is often understood as 

"the simplest explanation is usually the correct one" 

until a greater explanation is found