Monday, 31 August 2015

Wet wet wet......Where has summer gone?

No stranger to getting wet, with his weekly swim, but even Blue is wondering where summer has gone, mind you August Bank Holiday, in Reading normally means rain for the music festival goers.

Blue seems to be ageing in front of our very eyes, and mellowing too.

He has wanted more cuddles, which we all enjoy, and is never far away from us around the house, not that we live in a stately residence, if you get my meaning.

Yesterdays walk was shortened, Blue was telling us he needed to rest, and his gait was a little "lollopy" probably not a real word, but as he walked his hind quarters tended to roll as moved.

Given he laid down several times, we ended the walk, and at home he seemed very restful, so light duties for a few days.

This week he is off to the vets for his annual booster; When he walks in there he will need a restrainer not a booster, at the time of booking my wife reminded the vets of his history, and they said that Blue has a file note "Difficult customer" oh dear Blue they know you so well!

In a few weeks we will be heading North to the Lake District, a location frequented often by us on an annual basis for a few years, below are a few pics of recent visits by Blue

That's it, I'm off to get our bags ready, just kidding,but honestly we have had some great times.

Apart from the challenge where some little scumbag took all our holiday money last year.

Blue would like them to return so that we can show our appreciation.

But then again we will never ever lodge with "Cumbrian Cottages".

A word to the wise, you will be surprised how many people hold keys to their properties.

There will be another few updates about Blue before we go, and any advice on places to visit with an almost friendly German Shepherd would be most welcome.

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Bye for now

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Enjoying sharing his garden

Blue has seen much more activity in the garden the last few weeks, with a number of jobs being done by Sue and me.

Blue does like to get fully involved, like if you dig a whole for a fence post, he thinks it should be wider and deeper no matter what you think is deep enough.

So for some of the time he has been shut indoors, which he seems to accept quite amicably.

Feeling a little guilty, I decided to give him the opportunity to join us both outside, Sue painting the fence, me filling and barrowing aggregate into the back garden.

So with his halti collar attached, I looped around the tow bar of the car, Sue got his bed to help him settle.

This put Blue less than 10 feet away from passing pedestrians, of which a few went past, without a murmur, just a watchful eye, he was loving this new getting a clearer view of passers by, without looking through an iron gate.

Until a cold caller came a visiting, we warned him not to enter the drive, as we were not interested, in whatever he was selling, as he came into view, Blue seconded our opinion more verbally and definatly more persusavily than we had, the cold caller retraced his steps away, and ventured into our neighbours garden, still in sight of Blue who was now testing the towing ability of the car, sideways.
The suspension rocked a little, but that was all that moved, as soon as the caller was out of sight Blue settled back down.

He has his own code of conduct, you can look at him, but if you approach him or speak to him he will soon let you know when you have overstepped the code.

Back to the garden, we are going to have a "Summer house" not a shed, a "Summer house" and some of the work involved was putting down a base, and before the scalpings could be flattened, Blue was checking out the bedding properties.

Normal service is soon resumed, and a nice shaddy place with the radio playing and he is chilled

in this mood even the sweeping of a broom is no match for comfort

Tomorrow night will be Blues last swim for a fortnight, due to the pool being closed for holidays, so we will probably take a trip to the coast, but then he is a bit more resistant to get into the sea.