Friday, 28 March 2014

Blue back in the swim and enjoying the garden

It is good to share that Blue is slowly returning to the life style of which has become accustomed.

Playing in the garden, going out for walks and now back swimming on a more regular basis. 

This week Blue enjoyed another good swim session.

The ironic thing is all the above pictures of him are outside the pool or in the shower, this was because of the time spent interacting with him, encouraging him to dive in and play.

Blue still needs to wear his buster type collar, if left alone, he used to need to wear it pretty well all the time, to reduce his scratching and licking. For a long period this would the case even in our presence, but now it is only the odd occasion, even though he still bears the bold and blotchy parts to his lower hind legs.

Action shots of Blue in action in the garden

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Back in the swim

Blue resting after his swim

Last night for the first time since November last year, Blue got to go for a swim.

It was a joy to watch him excitingly circling in the back of the car as we approached our destination.

He literally jumped out of the car and into the waiting loop of his harness, making straight for the side entrance gate, where not a moment was to be wasted. As the gate latch was lifted, Blue's nose ensured the gate was to be brushed aside. Pulling like a train we went up the path, to the rear of the property, where we entered the swimming pool dome of "Aquadoggies".

Excited would be an understatement, it was the whole body shouting out his excitement.

His favoured ball was thrown into the pool, by the trainer, Carol, and as is customary,  a quick run around the perimeter, and with all sorts of excited sounds, Blue leaped into the pool.
Blue was "Back in the swim"

For a solid fifteen minutes, he was in and out of the pool, having a great time, like he had never missed a day.

But we recognised that he was tiring a little, and when he made his own way to the shower area, he had one more leap/dive/splash/swim, then it was time for part two.

Part two was to have a medicated shower and rinse, all the time hanging onto his favoured ball.

Then it was "Fergie time" the hair dryer/blower and a final rub down with the towel, easing into his drying jacket, completed his session.

Blue was one happy dog, and we are glad we took the time to try him out, and get him back in the swim. We are not over the allergies, and there are still the signs of licking nibbling and scratching, mostly now on his  lower hind leg.

As long as there is no adverse reaction, and he continually shows signs of improvement, we will book him in for more sessions.

Sadly the lighting levels did not allow the pictures to come out, so below is link to some older pictures, uploaded on "Flickr"

Library pictures of previous swim sessions