Wednesday, 31 July 2013

New equipment required

Breaking news; Decorating in the home has been delayed until a new roller is purchased.

As the decorating was being done last night, Blue continued the game from the day before, pick up the dusting brush and run for the hills. Now there was a new game, if I stand in front of you when you are working, you have to stop and play with me.

So progress was slow, but after being a bit bored or tired, Blue went to the garden for a well earned rest, he did come in and claim the wallpaper hanging brush off the sideboard, while I was busy pasting the next lot of paper. He does give the game away, subtlety is not high on his list, the sound of knocking of wood against wood and scampering outside, tells you he is up to no good. But again it is just attention seeking so a quick play and safely retrieving the brush allowed work to continue.

Finally the papering was done and time to clear up, it was while clearing up that Blue was noticeable by his absence, maybe he was just resting.

No not Blue, he had found the paint roller and had managed to de-fleece it of half its pile. Unceremoniously it was removed from his grasp and thrown away, as no longer fit for purpose. Then we had a stand off, he was not happy I was not happy, and our mediator was over her Dads.

When Blue is challenged he always comes out trying to front you up, but as you approach he bows down and has this strange groan in his voice and tail wagging, almost as if he is not sure whether we have having a game or it is more serious.

My tone of voice and body language is enough to confirm he is in my bad books, but no more than that, Blue and I do test each other, both having a short fuse, which we now manage and time and distance works well for us both.

Mending the relationship with Blue is most important, but sadly nothing either of us was going to do was going to make the roller live to fit another day.

Ironically  the roller has lived in the house longer than Blue, so perhaps it was time to buy a new one.

We are once again the best of friends and will leave the decorating alone tonight and take Blue for his weekly swim.