Friday, 19 July 2013

Cool coat Blue

Sun,sun and more sun, we are having a heatwave in the UK, temperatures exceeding 30c and often no lower than 18c

But not everyone enjoys it, poor old Blue suffers in the hot humid conditions, to the point it is very unpleasant in the car, and even out walking is not enjoyable, he has his weekly swim and even his own paddling pool.

With the Internet as a window of all that exists in the world, my wife was inspired enough to order Blue a "Cool coat" by Prestige (See link at the bottom of the page)

So within 3 days of the order being placed, it is on Blue's back and works a treat.

The coat is soaked in clean cold water until fully saturated and wrung out, like you would a chamois leather, with Velcro straps it is secured around the neck and girth.

Blue has now used this three times, and there is distinct difference in his dealing with the high temperatures and humidity, so much so that he is quite content to return from his walk and leave it on, clearly contented and comfortable. We only leave it on for a short while, as he would simply lay in the shade and control his own temperature.

As responsible dog owners we know that this does not give licence to go on excessive walks at the hottest parts of the day. However it is necessary for Blue to do his business, whatever time of day or temperature it is.

My wife Sue did say that people find it strange to see a dog wearing a coat in these temperatures, without realising its a "Cool coat"

If they came over and touched the coat, they would be amazed how cool it and our dog would be.

Well when I say how cool Blue, would be, that is not entirely true, very few people would be permitted to get close enough to touch the coat, as Blue is such a protective breed, so they would have to take our word on that one.

As I write this blog Blue has come in from the garden, and he still has a cool feel to his fur, nearly three hours after removing it. So on the cat walk is Blue in his "Cool coat"


So without fear or favour we recommend this product, which comes in many different sizes from a website Kind4K9