Monday, 29 July 2013

Blue has no taste for decorating

Hard going this decoration malaki

At the weekend it was a chance to catch up on some much needed decorating around the home, the task in hand was the hall stairs and landing.

The last time we did some decorating Blue ended up with paint on his tail.

Close up of newly painted tail

So we began, any wallpaper that was larger than a fag packet, was duly shredded, and scattered as far and wide as possible, in order to stay in touch with the action, bedding down under where the walls were being steam stripped meant a nice soft warm bedding, dampness not being an issue.

Once the ladder was set up, Blue would be keen to go either up or down the stairs dependant on where he was at the time the idea took him, thankfully his skills or desire to climb the ladder did not surface, thus far to date. But that could change over the coming days.

Fetch the dusting brush is a game to relieve boardom, Blue will pick it up and run to the garden, and you have to fetch it back, paying a toll of one treat per item, so we may have inadvertently set up a reward game.

The paint roller was far to fluffy and needed a meticulous trim, and paint brushes have good handles for lifting out of the pot.

Yesterday as the ceiling was being painted, Blue decided to lick the emulsion out of the tray, mistaking the white liquid as his favoured natural yoghurt, though the expression on his face, did show it was not as tasty, and did not return for seconds.

So the decorating may take longer than planned and our Blue may become different colours over the next few weeks, tonight he will likely have his head buried in the paste bucket.