Thursday, 11 July 2013

Finders keepers, returned for a price.

New balls

While out for his dawn walk this morning in the local park, Blue dived into the undergrowth and came out with a football, moments later he was back in the undergrowth a bit further along and out came Blue with another, matching the same as the previous.

So off came the lead, and as he chased one ball kicked across the park, he could not wait to get back for the other one also. So this mornings walk was a success in Blue's eyes. Normally he plays  with any balls found for a while then gets bored and leaves them for others to enjoy, today he wanted to keep them. Give it a day or so and we will return them from where they came.

Blue says if anyone wants to claim them, the going rate is one pigs trotter or pigs ear per ball will be a fair trade, applications must be in person, however they will only be available until the weekend,  when they will be set free again.

Blue does have a scent for balls, two days ago he retrieved two white cricket balls from the same park, but different hedgerows. Though he soon bored with them and carried them a few feet and left them for others to pick up in the middle of the park.

We were once walking in the Torridon Mountains in Scotland, behind Liactach, when suddenly he dived into some thistle and came out with a set of sunglasses, looked expensive and were in excess of £70.00 on the Internet.

Obviously Blue knows how to use his nose, though not sure if it is human scent or something in the material of the balls  and sunglasses.

Perhaps he could sniff out a good striker for our home town team Reading Football Club ;-))