Saturday, 29 June 2013

Sunshine and walking


Blue enjoyed two good walks today, the first at 06:30 for 65 minutes, starting with an amble around the park, before playing with his favourite tennis ball off lead.

The remaining 45 minutes were spent walking around the local streets and roads, which was nice and relaxing for us both, returning back home to a well earned breakfast with the wife.

Grass cutting is a favourite of Blues, rounding up the lawn mower as we walk along, with the odd interruption to test the grass either playing football, or just burying his head in the grass bag, like an ostrich in the sand, and always the occasional goading from Blue to up the anti and make it a more rough and tough game. We both know each others buttons which is good.

Following rest and brunch we all three went for an hour long walk around the grounds of the local University, again tennis ball is along with Blue, my wife Sue and me.

As much as Blue enjoyed chasing after his ball in the long wild meadow grass, excuse the pun, the flower seeds and pollen were getting up his nose, but only a minor inconvenience.

As the temperature was in the early twenties, Blue feels the heat in the direct sun, which is a quick drain on his stamina, so one hour of fun in the sun is enough for this GSD.

Carrying Blues water bottle is ideal for these conditions, so he can keep up his fluids, so we have returned home for dinner and no doubt within an hour he will be raring to go, which will mean more football in the garden, bless him.

Below is an old YouTube of Blue behaving well with the lawn mower.