Saturday, 8 June 2013

Blue is ready for the weekend

Cheeky monkey


So a week has passed, Blue is beginning to return to his old self, a bit cheeky and pushing some boundaries, but then that is Blue.
All his walks this last seven days, starting at twenty minutes, and gradually building up through the week, yesterday he walked for 35minutes with no ill effects.
We will continue it this next week, slowly building up, however football in the garden is still a bit of a no no. Blue will still grab his jollyball, and try to instigate a game of kick and chase, but we know best.
He has no problem bearing his weight on his front leg, so we think it was a case of jarring, causing some soft tissue damage. Blue remains on a lead when we go out, but that is the norm, he only goes off lead in an empty park, and with the nice weather we have been having, that is seldom.
Blue enjoyed his weekly swim, once again hydrotherapy works well with Blue, he had a great time diving in and swimming with his ball.

Now, recently my wife Sue has been sharing "tweets" with @ediethepug in Ontario Canada who are championing an idea of tying a yellow ribbon on your dogs lead to ask other dog owners to respect your dogs space, this is something we both feel is a good idea, but will only work with a greater airing in social media.
Why do dogs need their own space, the list is enormous, but take this week alone, our dog is out minding his own business on a lead recovering from an injury to his paw, which needs rest and gentle exercise. As we were walking through the local park, there were a number of other dogs doing their own thing, so skirting the perimeter and keeping to the outer edge, Blue enjoyed a nice relaxing walk. Suspecting Blue may become the victim of some unwanted attention, one of the afore mentioned dogs not only came over but actually reached us in the middle of the road outside the park, which got Blue all excited and was jumping up and down trying to let the chocolate Labrador know he wanted his space. Sure enough the owner of the lab made no attempt to retrieve his dog, despite all the baring of teeth and barking going on outside the park. Both dogs called it a day and we went our own ways, no harm done, no thanks to the other owner. But if Blue would have gone for his dog, I wonder who would be blamed, not the cute Lab, but the vicious German Shepherd. I know this is only a minor thing compared with other tragedies that are bestowed on dog walkers out minding their own business. If you want to follow the campaign a bit more follow @bluesmummy on twitter.
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