Sunday, 2 June 2013

Blue is on light duties

It has been a bit of a week for poor Blue, finally we arrived at the weekend, with the forcast being very favourable, so we could spend more time in the garden.

Saturday arrived and our dawn walk began at 5.45am. As it was the weekend, we set off to the park, with his favourite, a tennis ball. After 10 minutes of wandering through the park, it was time to play fetch.

With a sturdy throw, off went the ball, hotly pursued by the eager Blue, as the ball bounced up into the air, Blue was so quick with that pacey long stride of his that he went under the bouncing ball.
As Blue stopped abruptly he gave out a yelp, he collected the ball in his mouth, and like a fallen hero he began a sorry limp back to me.

My heart dropped, what had he done, as I reached him to console him, he leant his full weight against me, holding his left foreleg aloft. After a bit he seemed to be able to bear some weight on his paw. Thinking he may have needed to be carried home, this was quite a relief, at 47 kg, he is a lot of dog to  carry as a live load, co-operation not being his middle name.

The tennis ball, now became his stress ball, it took his mind off the pain. Gradually he was bearing more and more weight on his paw, and at first I was going to head home, but we stayed a bit longer in the park, when we arrived home some twenty minutes later, there was barely a sign of a limp.

A ride in the car down to B & Q, Blue laid in the car for the best part of an hour, without a murmur, just the two of us, while my wife was in the store buying up flowers and things for the garden.

Back home, as we set about planting up the flower pots and beds, Blue was right in there, helping dig the holes for the shrubs, spreading the bark, all injuries now forgotten, which was a great relief.

Alas Sunday come, and the limp has returned, though not showing any stress with it, Blue seems quite uncomfortable when getting up from laying down, he had a 50 minute walk earlier in the afternoon, so we will shorten his walks and cease the ball chasing for a bit, to see if he heals. If there is any signs that all is not well or mending, it will be a trip to the vets, my feeling is that it is a strained muscle, but not a break.

So, for a day or two Blue, will be on light duties.