Thursday, 30 May 2013

The day after yesterday

Blue's dawn walk this morning is to be extra special, for the wrong reasons.

Due to the unfortunate altercation with the stranger yesterday, Blue's first walk of today had greater significance, with the memory fresh from yesterdays conflict, (read in more detail yesterday's blog).

Would we meet up with the aggressive stranger a second time?

Before dropping off to sleep last night, in my mind we were going to take a different route to ensure their was no repetition of yesterdays events. Upon waking and getting ready my mind had changed.

I decided we would go out at the same time and walk the same route, and deal with whatever life has to throw at us. So with Blue and his Wainwright lead attached off we set, as we rounded the first bend in our street, Blue had already shown a slight reluctance and sheepishness in his walk, or was it my imagination. As we walked along Blue was aware of someone approaching from behind, looking back we saw a lady walking to work, we have seen her many times, so without fuss we made our way across the road, to give her room to pass and reduce the anxiety that Blue always has when people follow behind us. So relaxed was he, standing having a wee without even a sideways glance as she passed by.

Now we made our way onto the main road, the same time as yesterday, a few cars passing by but no sight of the bloke encountered yesterday. We did our walk up to the junction and returned with no repeat of yesterday.

Looking back on events, I do feel Blue was not his normal self, he was not on guard, he seemed less relaxed than before, and at times a little sheepish and clingy. Perhaps yesterday took its toll on him mentally.

German Shepherds are in the top breeds of intelligence, therefore they must have strong memories.

So today we exorcised any demons that may have been lurking, in both our minds, and enjoyed our return home to have breakfast, with a relieved wife who had been very apprehensive from yesterdays events.

Today we are stronger, to coin a phrase we got back on the horse from which we had fallen yesterday, and is if our bond was strong before, today the bond and trust between Blue and me seemed just a little stronger.

I hope this tale helps to inspire others, where things go against them, strength comes from within, and is not just physical.