Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Perils of an early morning walk

While out on his early morning walk Blue and I had a confrontation with a stranger, the episode only lasted a minute or so, but that is all it takes.

It is 5:45am and time to take Blue out for his morning walk, we ventured out on a damp and slightly misty morning, as per usual we left our road and headed along the main road.

Crossing the road, we see up in the distance, there was a solitary person walking along. As we were walking along, looking back, the figure was still a way off, so there was no further reason to take heed, as Blue is very protective, it is not always channelled in the right way, so I am always mindful of the presence of others.

Minding our own business, Blue did his business, which was duly collected and disposed of in the litter bin, just up the road. Our walk normally takes us up to a junction of traffic lights where we cross over and begin our return journey.

The solitary figure that was mentioned at the beginning was approaching on the other side of the road, thinking, this stranger was lost or in need of some advice,as he crossed over to our side of the road, I reined Blue in close to me, to subdue his protective instincts.

As if before my very eyes, this guy just turned. Impersonating the Incredible Hulk on steroids he was gesturing, shouting, swearing, and Blue wanted a piece of this.

F'ing this and f'ing that he was determined to have a confrontation with Blue, and Blue was up for it.

Now I am no expert, but this was not the behaviour of someone normal, and I was not going to allow Blue to either get hurt or hurt someone, and end up paying the ultimate price.

Shouting at both Blue and this lunatic, "just f'ing leave it!" I managed to bring a moment of order, shouting back at me the stranger told me "I was worse than his F'ing misses"

Distance was my main objective now, so we went our separate ways, continuing to hear the obscenities aimed at anyone who would listen.

Blue was calm, my heart had stopped racing and we finished our walk off in peace.

So you just do not know what is around the corner, it may have been friendly banter to begin with or he may have genuinely been out looking for a scuffle or confrontation, but today Blue and me were not going to join in whatever game he was playing.

Knowing this could have easily been my wife walking Blue, the end result could have been a different scenario, this guy was in excess of 6 feet, aggressive and very intimidating.

So was it a case of in the wrong place at the wrong time, or right place right time, as no one was hurt.

For those that read this and think, if it were me I would have let Blue bit him, just think on.

Blue is not bred to attack, so there may be no stopping him once started, he may also have got injured himself during the attack.

My greatest concern is that Blue would have been labelled an out of control aggressive and dangerous dog, taken from us and put to sleep. I honestly would not have cared for any damage inflicted on this guy, he would have got what he deserved.

The moral of this story is, even the small things in life that get you suspicious are not normally wrong, however you do not have control over the inevitable happening.

Thank you for reading this, me and my little friend, Blue, enjoyed a well earned breakfast, he is now sleeping as I get set to leave for a days work, feeling I have already done one.