Friday, 24 May 2013

Blue is back

After a bit of a break from his blogging, Blue is back.

Last time a blog was aired it was a chronicle of our holiday to the lake district. That story is still unfinished and I will do one more blog for the remainder of the holiday, there is still some fun stuff and great pictures to share.

Since then there have been many things going on, a bit of illness, which Blue has now fully recovered from, Christmas has been and gone and more recently we enjoyed two weeks in the Scottish Highlands. 

Blue still enjoys his swimming every week at Aquadoggies, though his favourite yellow ball has gone to meet it's maker, but the new pink one is just as good, and shows Blues feminine side, though not too much as he has a reputation to maintain.

Old favourite needs to be retired

Loving the new pink ball !

Morning walks are getting better now the lighter mornings are back, Blue has one week going out with me and the next with my wife Sue. So at least one of us gets to have a lie in, Blue still insists on rising about 5.15am each morning. Come rain shine or hail, a dog has got to do what a dog has got to do.

So apologies for the break in sharing the adventures and life experiences of Blue hope you enjoy the stories that follow.