Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Bank Holiday

Finally a Bank Holiday weekend which was dry and gave plenty of opportunity for Blue to enjoy the garden and great outdoors.

Blue loves it when we do the garden, he gets to play some of his favourite games, but one that he never tires of is his favourite, chase and catch the ball.

Games and the rules in the garden (According to Blue)

  • Weeding; if it comes out of the ground and is green, it is a weed and must be removed
  • If it does not come out of the ground easily, it must be dug out
  • If flower beds are turned over, sample holes must be carried out as trial pits
  • Any hand tools placed on the floor must be carried off to safety
  • Work must not interrupt play time
  • Work must cease when I am bored
  • If you kneel on the ground, you are fair play for some rough and tumble
  • Lush lawns must not be cut short, it is my bed which I allow you to care for
  • Use of hose-pipes is forbidden until water sampling is carried out
  • Security perimeter patrols maintained (No cats, squirrels or birds allowed)
The above list is not exhaustive but gives a flavour of the rules of the garden and games played in the eyes of Blue.

Like many German Shepherds, Blue has a big thing about water hoses. Once we use the outside tap, he will worry until it is turned on, if it isn't he will stand and stare at it.

One other strange game that Blue plays, holding the ball firmly in his teeth, he will beat his own sides in turn by shaking his head and twisting all in one movement.