Saturday, 23 February 2013

Lake District (9 of 14)

Following our adventurous day yesterday climbing Castle Crag, today we would spend a bit of leisure time in the holiday cottage, well not too long, Blue does not do staying in very well. "Boring"

Blue loves the outdoors and all the smells and adventures, though not always knowing when a rest would be beneficial to recharge the batteries.

Today our faithful friend helped us decide that the outdoors was missing us, so we set out for a visit to an old friend, Honister Pass. So we set off down the same road as yesterday, south from Keswick. The Borrowdale Road would take us once again past Seatoller. There is a lay by just before you head up the hill to the Honister Slate Mine.

So we parked up and began our adventure for the day, now the threat of rain was more imminent and the weather was more akin to February rather than September, it was cold damp and miserable.

Just by our parking choice there is a stream that meanders through, streams are made for wading,dipping,splashing jumping and many other things in Blue's eyes.

There is one small problem, sheep! Where ever you roam you never seem to be more than a stones throw from a woolie, they sometimes lurk behind walls and hedges, waiting to surprise with a bleat or a baa.

So the lead needed to stay attached to Blue, this was the start of things not going to plan, Blue had only one thing on his mind, to do all the afore mentioned  things in that stream.

Gander rising

Testing the water


Launch control

Still waters, dog in motion

So an intense 20 minute play in the stream, then Blue was ready for his walk, which would be a mixture of track and road walking, strangely today either the sheep were well camouflaged or they had better things to do, we see no more than a handful while playing and walking with Blue.

As mentioned earlier things did not go to plan, there was a difference of opinion, on how Blue is captured in these photos. What is more important, to capture a photo until you get that perfect shot, or action shot, or, enjoy the moment with him and forget the camera.

One way or another, the truth is getting the right balance, and as hard as the truth maybe it is about Blue, primarily and our capturing the images secondary.

So the camera was put away, and the day continued, quietly but continued. 

We returned back to the cottage after being out for close to an hour, and settled for a nice relaxing afternoon, this suited Blue, back in his comfy bed, Bless.

Done streaming

The urge to return to the great out doors did not return anymore that day, but reluctantly Blue joined us for an early evening stroll, which he took the opportunity to do his business, before settling in for the night.

So today was a fairly quiet one the scale of things so far on this holiday, tomorrow will be a new day and a new adventure, the camera may have a day off.