Sunday, 25 October 2015

Tomorrow is a huge important day

Tomorrow Blue returns to Fitzpatrick Referrals, at Godalming in Surrey, and it will be one of the biggest days of judgement that he has had to face for many a long time. 

Blue has completed the course of medication prescribed, he has had four weeks of being without any serious exercise, and for the most part lived in his crate. All as was advised by the vet.

I say for the most part, to expect him to remain crate bound for four weeks is unrealistic, therefore because Blue has been a model patient this last week he has spent longer outside of his crate, but he has still not gone anywhere without being on a lead. Last night for only the second night did he come up to the bedroom with us. Without fail we have taken it in turns to sleep downstairs with Blue, since his enforced stay in the crate.

Tomorrow is the long awaited return for the CT scan and MRI scan, the results of which will form the way forward for him. We will need to know if the"mass" in his body, that was detected has subsided or got worse, and or if the anomalies with his spine have altered.

There are the main two questions, and until Blue has been sedated and scanned, nobody knows what the next step is for Blue. Sedation won't come easy, as Blue has a deep fear of the vets, not surprisingly, since what he has gone through over the years.

So how is he?
Blue seems to be quite content within himself, he remains bright and alert, though still a little unstable on his hind legs. He has no loss of appetite and all his bodily functions are normal and healthy.

This is what Blue has in front of him for the next 24 hours;
  • By 5:00 pm he will have his afternoon walk, about 10 minutes.
  • By 8:00 pm his final meal of the day along with his final medication
  • After his meal there will be no food treats until he is back from Surrey the next day
  • By 7:00 am in the morning Blue will have been out for his dawn walk and constitutionals
  • At 7:00 am we will all get in the car and travel the 40+ miles to Godalming
  • At 8:30 am we are scheduled for Blues return consultation
  • Some short time after Blue will be under sedation for his scans
We then have the anxiety of waiting and worrying, hoping, fearing, praying that the odds are balanced in Blues favour.

It is without doubt tomorrow is going to be very emotional and soul searching, we must expect to have to make some tough decisions if the long term prognosis depends on it.

What ever way things go tomorrow we will do the best and right thing for Blue, he has given us so much, we have to give him all we have.

"Come on you Blue's"

Blue is going through this because a car driver failed to concentrate and stop before hitting the back of our car. We know it could've been much worse and the car took the brunt of the impact, written-off officially last week by the insurers, and it takes a lot to write-off a Land Rover Freelander2.

Blue's symptoms took 24 hours to show up; He had looked fine and without injury at the time of the impact, if only they could talk!!