Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Another day goes by

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There goes another day, and Blue has been a model patient, resting well in his crate.

We are counting down the days, until he returns for further tests, but we are pleased with his progress so far. He is resting well, has a sparkle back in his eye, and the slightly mischievous side is returning.

Tonight he had a visit from a close neighbour "Aunty Anne" one of Blue's special friends, well she does have a female "Pug" who Blue adores. Anne is going to help us out in giving Blue some visits, to help him stay mentally stimulated, so he does not go stir crazy.

Blue has been going out 3 times a day, to do his business, which is all fit and healthy. These excursions are for no more than 10 minutes each time.

Blue is now getting a cold wet nose, and seems a little more steady on his feet, though it is still evident that there is weakness in his hind legs.

Blue has a sleeping buddy at night, my wife Sue camps out each night down stairs, just in case, we are all more than happy with that, peace of mind is a rarity in our house at the moment, so any snippets are welcomed.

Yesterday we were informed that our car is to be written off, that just underlines the force of the impact of the accident, the chassis has been damaged, but that is a whole different story.

We don't yet know what the long term prognosis of Blue is, this is that awful waiting game that no one wants to play, we can only give him the care and attention that he so richly deserves and hope that is enough.

To think how Blue was this time last week, we are so grateful for the veterinary expertise available to help him, and who we are relying on to help Blue get better.

This has been such a rollercoaster ride this last week, it strains every emotional sinew, and the worse part is not knowing, but we do know that Blue has a strong will, and that gives us strength in these trying and anxious times.

Tomorrow is another day forward, and another day nearer those further scans and tests.......

We will keep doing what we are doing, and share this journey, the love shown to Blue on here and Twitter is very heartwarming, and we include those friends family and neighbours asking each day how he is.