Sunday, 27 September 2015

Holiday Blue's

Straight to the point, our holiday did not go to plan, and I will share Blue's adventures in due course.

On Tuesday 22nd September 2015 Blue was in the back of the car, as he normally is, keen to go out and enjoy walking on the Fells and Mountains, when our holiday was interrupted by a vehicle hitting the back of our car at speed.

The force of the impact made both cars un-drivable and requiring removal by break down vehicles, but this was only the beginning.

We were waiting behind stationary cars, one of which was turning right on the A66 just west of Keswick, as always I keep an eye on my mirror, and noticed a red car looming up behind, going too fast to stop, as we braced for impact, the other driver managed to turn away at the last moment, but too late to prevent a collision, the road was blocked, but I managed to get our car off the carriageway, and the usual followed, Police, questions etc.

Initially we thought there were no injuries, Blue looked OK in the back, so we only got him out of the car when most activity had ebbed away.

Eventually the recovery truck arrived to take us back to our holiday cottage, poor Blue had to go back into our car, policy or something. He did look bewildered by it all as he was towed backwards up onto the truck with a sorrowful look to me and Sue.

We then found out that a replacement car would not be delivered until the next morning, so we decided that we would just have an easy day around the holiday cottage.

The next day all still seemed well, the hire car arrived and we got ready to go and meet up with a lady from Workington, Margaret, who also had a German Shepherd called Cito, who we follow on Twitter.

Unfortunately Margaret had an incident which meant a hospital visit was necessary after Paramedics had assessed her after a fall, as we were about to meet up. Sue needed to look after them, while I looked after Blue, so it was decided to take Blue back to the holiday cottage, while Sue did some good samaritan work.

Upon arriving back with Blue, he still seemed right as rain, we waved Sue off, as she disappeared down the road, Blue became restless, constantly pacing, seeming quite agitated. This continued despite all efforts to console or occupy him, eventually he went outside and was sick, a strange milky frothy liquid. Hoping this would make him feel better, he was given good access to fresh water, but he continued unsettled, and remained so for the next couple of hours. Eventually exhaustion seemed to bring him to settle, but moments later Sue walked in, Blue got up and seemed a little wobbly and was promptly sick again, this time it was more of a clear fluid, like the consistency of egg-white.

We were getting more concerned, and made efforts to keep him settled. As part of him being settled we brought down the bedding and mattress so we could sleep down stairs with him, they seemed to help.

The next morning Blue was not himself still, so we decided to go home, if Blue could manage the travelling, we were booked into our local vets in Reading for that afternoon.

Blue is a good traveller and only stirred a couple of times on the 300+ mile journey.

At the vets it was normal service, Blue might not be well, but he is no mood for a vet. Sue carried out some routine checks of Blues legs and spine, and an anti-inflammatory injection , all under close Supervision. One worrying result was the lack of co-ordination in his back right leg, and not correcting it when the paw is placed knuckle down. There were two options, one to leave him in over night or take him back home and monitor him, and returning the next day.

Sue slept downstairs with Blue, I was suffering with back ache, which I had an appointment with my local GP the next day. 

Blue had to continue his crate restriction, only being allowed out for doing his business and eating his food.

The vet visit was to decide the next step, which we had discussed at home the previous evening, we were beginning to wonder if Blue had suffered a delayed reaction from the accident, and possibly damaged his spine. 

We opted to push for a MRI scan at Fitzpatrick Referrals, who had operated on Blue's spine when he was a seven month old puppy, that has now been arranged for Monday morning.

Blue has always had an active holiday, but measured to ensure he does not come to any harm, which is also the main reason he goes swimming once a week.

We will all know better tomorrow, I hope the prognosis is favourable and without surgery, but what ever it is, as always we will make sure Blue gets all the help he needs.

We honestly do not know if this is a result of the car accident, or a coincidence, we just know that Blue has not been himself since that day.

More news will be posted as we find out................