Friday, 30 October 2015

More pain relief needed

Blue had a very very restless day and night yesterday. Unable to settle throughout the evening he was constantly up and looking for somewhere to settle.

He was out in the night, looking like he wanted to be sick, but ended up just laying on the lawn in the pouring rain. Attempting to lead him back indoors he refused to get up, the only way to move him was to abandon him in the garden and encourage him with a treat from the kitchen.

Sue slept downstairs with him, but by all accounts he continued to remain unsettled, eventually exhaustion got the better of him. At 5.30 am Sue took him out to do his business, and returned without any incident,this being no more than 15 minutes out of the door and back.

Sue had managed to arrange a shorter working day, so that she could contact Fitzpatrick Referrals to get some advice.  They have arranged for the local vet to supply stronger pain relief medication, which Sue can obtain from our local vets.

The prognosis is proving very difficult due to the complexity of the images created by the scans, but we have been assured that he is not being forgotten, they need to make the right decisions before committing to any operations, it is the difficulty of the symptoms could be caused by the mass within him or the condition of his spine impacting on his spinal cord or a combination of both.

It is very hard watching Blue in such discomfort, we hope that they can make a decision without too much more delay.

Blue is now less mobile and in more discomfort than he was four weeks ago.