Monday, 26 October 2015

News is news

The day arrived, an incident free journey see us safely arrive on time for our 8:30 appointment.

The calm before the storm as they say, this sun drenched waiting room would soon be the hive of activity, and sure enough as others began to arrive, we were called in by Ricardo for Blue's check up.

We reported how Blue had been very well behaved with his crate rest, limited exercise and taking his medication. It was also pleasing to report that Blue seemed more stable on his hind legs than before our previous visit.

Ricardo explained that today he was more concerned now with assessing the "mass" that had shown up, the CT scan would be a quicker process than our previous visit, because it was more specific and targeted.

Blue had been vocal, but no more than usual, now was time for the sedative, which would take the edge off his anxiety, enough to put a catheter in, for the anaesthetic.

With a bit of positioning and some enforced hugs from me and Sue, Blue was injected, we now had to wait for it to take effect, this gave Ricardo a chance to go and prep the team ahead of Blue's arrival.

Blue resists the sedative, but gives a false impression it is working, as soon as the vet team re-enter the room some 25 minutes later, he is immediately up on the defence. But this time we worked quickly and effectively and within five minutes, he had been shaved, catheter fitted, we just had to wait for it to take effect. Although his hind quarters went down fairly quickly, the head and chest stayed very erect. More anaesthetic was given and gradually he succumbed. 

Scooped up into the arms of the veterinary team, he was carried like a sleeping baby out of the room.

Less than an hour had passed, when Ricardo, summoned us across a now packed waiting room, to say the CT scan was all done, he would check out the results, he suggested that Blue was not brought through the waiting room, so we moved our car to the rear of the practice, so that Blue could be brought out through the side exit and into the car, in their words he was easier to handle while the drugs were keeping him sedated.

It was a strange sight to see him come round the building, pulling although he did not know where he was going, to greet someone who may look vaguely familiar, Sue and me.

Blue was lifted into the back of the car, where we would wait with him until Ricardo came out to see us. Even the veterinary nurse took a few longing looks, Blue was being his most adorable.

Results; The reason for our visit.

I was hoping to be writing how good everything was, but there remains a lot of uncertainty. The results revealed no reduction in the mass which lays inside him. It is believed that the pressure on his spine is not his major concern, as he is coping well with mobility and bodily functions. 
At this moment in time there is no explanation or prognosis for this mass, therefore Blue's case is to be discussed with the "Oncology and Soft Tissue-team"  also in Guildford 

The word "Oncology" is the science of mass, tumours, within the body, at this moment no one knows what is the make up of Blue's mass. There is no point in jumping to conclusions or dismissing the presence of a form of malignant or benign tumour. Only time and more tests will give that answer.

Each and every day has always been precious, today that just ramped up a little more.

We will do all we can to make him happy, and see our way through what ever comes....

We now wait for a phone call .................

Blue as always blow a raspberry when the camera is pointed at him.