Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Ignore if you are a responsible dog owner

Today following the vets advice, we increased Blues walk, as he has been responding well to his rest.

We took him for a walk in the local park, where he often frequents, and probably has enjoyed a little less than he would have liked.

Walking through the park past the busy five a-side enclosed area two young lads exclaimed their admiration for German Shepherds, and asked if they could stroke him. I explained that Blue had not been very well, and would not welcome them getting too close, they politely accepted, and went back to playing football, saying perhaps we can when he is feeling better.

We carried on with our walk admiring how polite they were, and Blue also gave a bark of approval, at least that is how he seemed.

As we walked around the park, giving other dog walkers a wide berth, all was going well, until a small fluffy white dog began to approach. It stopped a fair distance away, but we made sure Blue kept   himself to himself , but this little ball of fluff had other ideas. Blue was like a magnet, the star attraction that needed a closer look.

So there we are stood stock still, and making it clear, we were not there to play, but the other dog could not resist, now Blue had some ground to defend, first the barking, then the spinning and trying to get off lead, and what was the other owners response, softly calling "Bella" to come repeatedly for a good couple of minutes, finally Bella realised Blue was not up for playing returned to her owner, now some considerable distance away.

Blue settled and ended up with a shorter walk, and sure enough, half hour later, when he was called for his dinner, he slowly got up with a distinct discomfort in his hind leg, so the four weeks he had been resting, had just been undone, because of an owner that failed to recognise their little yappy dog was bothering a dog who was not well, and it's owners were desperately trying to keep him calm.

Blue may look a big strong brute on the outside, but he is a soft sensitive soul who is in a lot of discomfort, all he wanted was some quiet me time out with us.

The saddest part, he has now had to return to his crate for some enforced rest. 

We really do need the vets to get in touch soon, this waiting is very tough on Blue.