Sunday, 29 May 2016

A story to be told

Blue has touched many hearts and with good reason, he came to show us a better way of looking at life, he took on a big challenge, and he did remarkably well.

He taught me about being a more caring person, the joy of sharing happiness, not to hold onto sorrow and when the times are really tough, love will help you through the toughest of times.

Blue will never be forgotten, many have followed and shared his challenge of living with cancer, the sorrow expressed by family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours, Vets, Doctors, Nurses and the many who never met him but followed the character known on twitter as @BluetheGSD

I have now been inspired to share all of Blue's short life, it will be my first attempt to write his story.

Today we have set up a "Justgiving page" for the charity that gave Blue the life saving blood during his recent operations, we hope Blue's need for blood donations raises some funding, but just as importantly the increased profile of Pets donating blood, without which, Blue would not have survived his operation in November last year.

There are many people who helped both Blue and us through a difficult time, some we have thanked in person, others through media, and others we are yet to thank.

Blue's blog will remain open, there is still so much to share.

Our tears are always close to the surface, and as we stood on the beach at Milford on Sea yesterday, watching the flowers and squeaky ball launched in his honour, drift out to sea my tears flowed and added to the waters at my feet.