Thursday, 26 May 2016

Goodbye dear Blue


Folkvang Good as Gold

11th May 2008 - 25th May 2016

There is no easy way of saying this, we said goodbye to Blue yesterday, the cancer that he had battled so bravely, it would not respect all his love and efforts to stay with us.

I have spoken, written and shared this hard and difficult journey with so many, it is only fair that I  share what a huge loss Blue's parting has made. 

He has inspired many, brought tears of sadness to faces of people he had never met, but more than that found places in hearts and admiration across continents

Blue defied so many odds, and we always knew, that Blue knew what was best for Blue, conventional he was not, Blue was a one off who did things his way.

Both Sue and I are honoured to have shared every step of the way with Blue, who we fell in love with before he was too young to leave his siblings and mother, just a tiny ball of dark fur.

Blue has met everything thrown at him with dignity and honour,  defying odds, and helping us to care for him.

There are so many people we would love to thank, for the support, care and compassion in following our journey. 

Blue has grown a following on Twitter as @BluetheGSD bringing out others stories of courage and sadness, poems, people using an image of Blue as their profile picture, could there be any greater honour to him.

Through his life he has had close links with Fitzpatrick Referrals, they gave Blue his chance to let the world know what value there is in life, quality of life was all he ever wanted, as he lived each day for the moment.

Blue was a German Shepherd, who looked like a shepherd, lived like a shepherd but most importantly loved like a shepherd.

Thank you Blue for sharing your days with us, the memories will be forever special and etched deep into our hearts;