Sunday, 15 May 2016

Decision time....

On Tuesday we were given an update on Blue's condition following his spleen removal two weeks previous. We were advised that Blue required further chemo, but only if he was well enough.

We had to make a decision by Friday, and with all things being equal, the decision was made to move to "Carboplatin" which is new to Blue.

Our other choice was "Doxorubicin" which Blue had been on previously. There were two down sides to the "Dox" it had probably attacked all the cancer it could, continued use could cause a heart condition which could be fatal, although if administered with an antidote this could help neutralise the effects on the heart.

Continuing the conversation with Dr Kelvin Kow, we were made aware that our choice should not be influenced by cost, we were told that if we spent a million pounds, the outcome could not be altered, where Blue was going, it would be where 99% of all dogs with this position ultimately go.

Our decision was made and confirmed on the phone Friday evening, Sue discussed this with Dr Kelvin Kow, when he called.

Where we go with Blue now is unchartered territory, but once more he has returned from the brink, we won't hold out for him being the 1% he has already surpassed many expectations, it is as always about quality of life.

Blue does only a fraction of what he was doing this time last year, but he still shows a zest for life, and while that is there, we will be there with him every step of the way, he still has that mischievous side which is why we adore him so much.

Part of the drain pipe taken off, as always, for attention not destruction.
Last week Blue had an appointment on his birthday, next Wednesday his appointment for new chemo is on my birthday, so we have changed a few plans but nothing major.

In Blue's last blog I touched on his birthday, he was 8. Blue has packed a lot into those 8 years, spinal surgery at 7 months, gave him a disadvantaged start to life, a challenging dog in the early years grew into a great companion typical of the breed that is so special, the German Shepherd. For anyone that is fortunate to bring one into their home and lives, be patient with them, understand them and the reward will be beyond what you could ever imagine.

Back to his birthday, the slideshow below captures his interest in unwrapping goodies, some of which travelled from far afield, as part of his followers on social media, namely twitter and Facebook, where he has a dedicated page of his own.

You can keep in touch with Blue on Facebook, by leaving him a message, scan the code below.....

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We have to keep a watchful eye on Blue, and any changes we make such as introducing supplements or treats, if they affect his well being or digestive system, we rein back to where we were before.

Blue was enjoying the outdoors yesterday, although we were busy doing the garden he was content to rest and watch.

Until next time here is Blue enjoying the garden yesterday

So this week has been eventful, but once again a rollercoaster for emotions, but in all of it there are a lot of comforts, Blue has drawn in people that care and flourished with their involvement, those kind words, messages of support have meant a great deal to all three of us, and in its own way has helped others share their own experiences with us.