Sunday, 31 July 2016

Living without Blue

We will never live without Blue, he touched our hearts mind and soul so deep, not a day passes when he is not in our hearts and thoughts.

In all sorts of media there are thousands of images of Blue, in the many places he loved to be, so reminders are never far away.

I was hoping to write about Blue's life, that has not progressed too far, I am still unable to read out loud some of the things I have written, but they will keep, and rather than rushing, it is better to wait until the moment is right.

To honour Blue, we set up a Just Giving page to raise funds and the profile of Pet Blood Bank UK who provided the blood at the time Blue was having his tumour removed at Fitzpatrick Referrals back last November, at the time of writing this blog donations have exceeded our original target of £600.00 it is currently standing at £677.44 with some remaining pledges to collect we hope to exceed £700.00

Pet Blood Bank have contacted us, and will be doing a small article on their newsletter about our collection and Blue.

Sue and I also decided to ascend Snowdon in tribute to Blue, which also swelled the monies donated to his just giving page.

Last weekend, we travelled to Snowdonia North Wales on the Friday afternoon, stayed overnight in a local hotel, where we were booked in for two nights bed and breakfast.

Saturday morning we set off for the summit, walking the Llanberis Path, four hours later we set foot on the summit.

To mark our visit we took a framed picture of Blue, a squeaky ball from his toy basket and his Kong Kozie who has spent many a holiday with Blue.

Several pictures were taken of our visit but what we enjoyed the most was placing his ball on the summit trig point, sitting down with his toy and picture, saying how much we missed him, finally we lovingly kissed his squeaky ball before gently rolling off the eastern face into the cloud shrouded abyss below.

While at the top we could only see a few yards due to the low cloud and height of the mountain or a combination of both.

This did not matter, as in honour of Blue we had ascended the highest mountain we have ever walked previously to pay our tribute.

After descending to an overnight meal and stay at the hotel we returned back to our home in Berkshire, on Sunday morning with even more memories fresh in our mind of Blue.

Two months have now passed, the pain and loss are balanced with fond memories and eternally grateful to have shared a life with one so special.

Blues story has touched many and inspired others, for those that believe, he is still with us in spirit watching over us, certain things have happened which could not just be coincidence, we will keep watching out for his messages and trust we can understand them when they are there.

As Blue helped fill the void left when we lost "Shep" our Collie/cross, he has also shown us that it is not right to close doors and mourn lost ones.

Blue showed us what companionship, caring, sharing, dignity and courage  is truly about.

Our home and wherever we go will be full of memories of Blue, just as they were of Shep.

This blog will remain active for any Blue related updates, such as testimonial and Just Giving Pages etc

We have decided to bring home a new puppy, currently five weeks old, he is called "Solar" like Blue he is a pedigree German Shepherd, but there will never be another Blue.

For now below is Youtube of our trip to Snowdon

Blue's Just giving page will remain open at

Picture on my bank card
Inspiration behind the trip to Snowdon
One of many beautiful memories we shared together.
Thank you for all the kind thoughts and support


Rod Sue & "Blue"