Monday, 2 December 2013

Blue's Ear infection

We managed to get a picture of Blues ear on Saturday, which may be useful if we need to go to the vets tonight.

Over the weekend Blue has had Tea Tree oil and Flea & Tic Spray. Both of which he has accepted very well. My wife Sue has put Blue's muzzle on and he immediately conforms, so that she is able to rub the oil over the effected area.

Fortunately he has not had an urge to scratch, which is evident by the fact the wound / affected area is still clean and free from any evidence of scratching.

Since we noticed the loss of fur on his ear last Friday, it has remained localised and not spread.

Apart form a bit of a touchy temperament on Saturday, he seems generally relaxed about life, and seems to be very content about things.

More updates to follow after checking him tonight, also by taking pictures there is a direct comparison to monitor any changes, good or bad.