Monday, 23 December 2013

Blue on the mend in time for Christmas

Blue is still on the mend, in time for Christmas, though not yet fully recovered.

Poor Blue has had a few issues recently with his hot spot and loosing the fur on his left ear, and required a further visit to the vet on Friday evening.

To bring things bang up to date, Blue has had all swim sessions cancelled until further notice in the new year, it is now over three weeks since he enjoyed the pleasures of the pool. But until we get on top of these infections, it would be fool hardy to return prematurely.

So how did it go at the vets Friday, we began with a refusal to get in the car, end result was we had to physically lift Blue into the back of the car, stubborn, apprehensive, feeling too weak to jump, or a combination of the afore mentioned. But time was against us and at this rate we were going to be late for our 5.00pm appointment.

As the last visit, we were the first appointment for the surgery, with only a few minutes to wait, time enough to weigh Blue, 47.2kg, slightly down on his last visit, understandable in the circumstances.

We were summoned into consultancy room one, and then as we entered to see the same lady vet as before, Blue made his feelings very clear. Today was not a day for handling touching or even looking at, vociferous barking, offensively stances and general gnashing of teeth and snarling like a dog possessed. Blue was expressing an opinion of not being a happy bunny.

We were all safe, Blues muzzle prevents teeth contacting skin, and a firm hold of his short strong lead preventing any contact, the barking though we had no protection against.

Like all good vets, through all the mealy, she managed to get a good look at his hot spot and his ear, and sufficient to recommend a course of anti-biotic to deal with infections and a course of steroids to boost his immune system. 

I did wonder before, if on this visit they may need to take a skin sample, however by leaning over the operating table, looking down on Blue, totally unaware of the close examination, her feeling was the ear fur loss was down to an unknown allergy, which could be difficult if not impossible to identify with a degree of certainty.

By the time the consultancy came to an end, the noisy snarling dog, had returned to the placid, companion we live with. (As a puppy, Blue was taken to the vets for familiarisation and to remove any fear and/or anxiety, sadly the problems with his back, changed his view on vets, but we manage it and live with it, and the vets at Abbey Vets in Reading, know Blue, and he does get a lot of oohs and aahs when he arrives).

Taking Blue out into the car park, we had another refusal, so he was lifted into the car, Sue at the rear and me at the front, safely in the car his muzzle was removed and the door closed.

The vet did advise there would be a some changes in Blue while on the steroids, his thirst and appetite would increase and he would wee significantly more, and boy does he wee more.

Over the weekend the incessant scratching has abated, and Blue seems to be happier within himself and enjoying playing with his toys. No longer do I have to get up and sit with him through the night, his scratching would wake us up, but as soon as I went downstairs and sat on the sofa, he would get into his downstairs bed. or spread himself across the lounge floor and enter a deep sleep.

Now we have finished work for the Christmas holidays and Blue is feeling better, it will be a good time to break out the balloons.

My sister Kay and her husband Andy called in yesterday to exchange gifts, Blues behaviour was impeccable. Neither of them are doggy people, but by the time they left, Blue had licked both their hands received a treat and even a bit of petting. Blue remained on his lead the whole time, to ensure everyone was comfortable with the situation.

We do need to work on Blues greetings, they normally involve open mouth and teeth, but because of his size and exuberance could easily be mistook for an aggressive action by those not familiar or comfortable with dogs.

We are all now preparing for Christmas, so below are a few shots of Blues preparation.

As you can see, Blue takes the laid back approach, saving himself for the big day.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year