Friday, 6 December 2013

Back from the vets

Poor Blue has had a poorly week, culminating in a trip to the vets tonight.

Blue began the week with a ear infection, which caused some scabbing and loss of fur to his right ear, so we decided to miss his swim session this week, and all of a sudden he has also developed a "hot spot" on his right rear flank.

At an empty vets, we were seen by the local Vet, who confirmed he had a hot spot, and talking things through, it is difficult to pinpoint the cause. The problem with his era could be the root or primary cause. 

It is likely that he is a little run down and has sensitive skin condition, which has progressively worsened. I asked if there was something lacking from his diet or because of swimming, it is difficult to pinpoint any one or combination of causes.

The Vet, Sophie, has prescribed a cause of anti-biotics, continuing with the spray brought in the early part of the week, cleansing and drying around the infected area. Returning in two weeks to check progress.

Blue now weighs in at 48.5kg and used every gram of that tonight and his full vocal power to prevent close inspection, but between the Vet, my wife Sue and myself, Blue succumbed to a close visual inspection.

The hot spot is now effectively an open wound, so plenty of TLC is required.

Although we parted with over £150.00 to date, he still got a cuddly Santa for his troubles. 

Before we left, poor Blue had bleed a bit on their floor, but they were very understanding, and were going to clean the floor after we left.

Feeling for the poor thing, who is thankfully laid out resting at my feet as I type this blog.

Below is a small snippet of today's encounter, and his new Santa Buddy

Morning started in a cone

Hot Spot

Spray for his ear

Santa wants to go out and play

Santa gets it, as you can see his left ear and the missing fur