Sunday, 15 July 2012

Trip to the seaside in the car

Today we had a trip to Milford on Sea in Hampshire.

Being as the weather has been so wet recently it has not been too much fun getting down to the coast.

Blue enjoys a trip along the shore, but is a bit of a whimp when it comes to getting in the sea, strange when he goes swimming in a pool every week.

We parked the car, which we got yesterday, and when we first thought about getting it, we took Blue along to try it out for size. Now he has either grown in a week, the car has shrunk or he just didnt look this big in it when we put him in it last week.

To be fair the trip was just over one and half hours, most of it he was laying down, except when the indicator went on, a case of "are with there" with expectation in his eyes.

Now although the car is Blue, I am not Dr Who.

Blue makes the car seem like the tardis, it must be bigger on the inside.

The view across the solent confirmed the Needles are still standing proud on the Western tip of the Isle of Wight. But we were not there to take in the view Blue was keen to walk along the cliff top path and the shoreline.

Blue is much more tolerent of other dogs. Today they were there in all shapes and sizes, some on leads some off lead. One lady approached with a small dog to greet Blue, but changed her mind at the last moment, Blue does not mean any harm but has this habit of wanting to stand over smaller dogs, in his eagerness has trod on one or two, it is bad enough when he stands on your bare foot let alone being a quater of his size.

Still that was a good exercise both mentally and physically for Blue, time to get back in the car and head back to Reading.

Blue approved of the new car, especially the climate control, but I think he would still prefer to have his head out of the back like he could with our other Freelander.