Friday, 20 July 2012

Beware Cyclists

There are times when you do have to question the actions of others. 

Today it is the turn of cyclists. While walking along the main road this morning Blue and I were happily minding our own business, when it happended. A cyclist on the path, which they are allowed to do so as it is also for the use of cyclists, appeared out of nowhere without any warning.

The first I was aware that he was there was when Blue lunged at him.

Thankfully Blue went across my path in front of me, which alerted me that there was a problem. I managed to grasp his colour and prevent him connecting with the cylcist. If Blue had gone behind me, it would have been a different story. As Blue is a German Shepherd, and a large one at that, the likely hood is that he could have injured the cyclist, or forced him into the road into the path of traffic. Because of his breed he would then have been reported for attacking a passer by.

No one was injured, and no apologies exchanged, Blue has the traits of a guard dog and he will do what he thinks necessary to approaching danger. We can all move around in harmony, we will gladly step aside to allow you safe passage if that is what is required, all we ask from cyclists and joggers. If you are approaching people from behind them, you need to either make sure they are aware of your presence or give them a wide birth. For the record as well as dog walker I also cycle on occassions, and have a bell on my bike to alert people that I am approaching, simple and polite. So if you are in the Reading area and cycle on the path, if you see me and Blue walking along ahead of you minding our own business,

 give us a ring on your Bell 

 We will gladly step aside and let you pass