Saturday, 21 July 2012

Blue, birds and ducks.

Saturday morning the sun is shining, staying in bed is for wimps, Blues motto not mine.

Well it was six o'clock on Saturday morning, time to head out the door, although some days you would wish Blue would have a lie in, today was not going to be that day. To be honest after a good nights sleep I was quite looking forward to a walk, where time was not an issue.

So off we set, walking up the road to the park, that is just a stones throw from our house, once again as with most mornings we have the park to ourselves.

Business done bagged and binned, we have only been out of the house five minutes. If there is one thing you can say about Blue is that he is regular and will go early doors, as they say.

I had forgotten to take his favourite tennis ball, so his off lead activities today were not going to be spent playing fetch. Blue did not seem bothered that I had forgotten his ball and shrugged his huge shoulders and toddled off to explore the bushes in the park perimeter.

Blue spotted some birds having breakfast, and like a true hero he chased the birds to save the defenceless worms which they were feasting on, no harm done a glance back and they had merely moved to another breakfast outlet.

Park done, time to go back on his lead for some road walking.

As it was such a nice day we extended our walk to take in the lovely grounds of the University of Reading, just over a mile away.

Along the way we met one of Blues arch enemies, the Milk float, but we were chilled today and passed each other with no more than a glance.

On entering the gate adjacent to the large man made lake, there was a group of ducks, gathering suspiciously at the corner of the lake. Suspecting that this group of ducks were up to no good Blue dispersed the gathering, and broke up the party.

Not good behaviour, so he was given a stern "No, leave it", and all settled down. To make amends we couldn't break bread with the ducks, so we did the next best thing, and shared one of Blues doggy treats, ensuring it landed in the water to moisten before the ducks could feast.

All good friends we parted and Blue and I went off to see what else was in store, the rest of walk was spent exploring all the smells and sounds of the wildlife around the lake.

Time to head off home for breakfast, seventy minutes walking and exploring was a fair return for such a loyal and lovely companion.

Perhaps later today we will head off out somewhere nice in the car.