Sunday, 7 June 2015

Sunny days, Blue days

Blue is a very fortunate dog, who is rewarded in so many ways for his loyalty,companionship and love, which in fairness could never be rewarded enough.

We have been enjoying walks at weekends in the beautiful grounds of University of Reading, Whiteknights campus where Blue loves to walk through the wild meadow, we tend to keep away from the lake, as Blue and nesting birds don't see eye to eye.

Last weekend we set off for our annual excursion to get some flowers and shrubs for the garden, out came the trailer, in the trailer went Blue.

All though we had other idea's Blue seemed to settle in quite quickly.

But with a bit of a fuss he agreed to shake paws with Sue and agree to vacate.

It would have turned a few heads if we would have driven down the road with Blue sat in the trailer, though it is likely he would have soon bailed out at the first sign of a C-A-T or anyone that would dare speak to him. He soon settled in the back of the car, and enjoyed the trip out in luxury.

Gardening and Blue do not always mix well, last year, half of the plants had been "Blue'd" before they had been planted, so this year he was kept separate from the plants and the planting.

Given the glimmer of an opportunity, Blue decided that if the plants were out of bounds, the containers needed his attention, and in a blink of an eye, their fate was sealed.

So the damage was much more limited this year, but Blue does enjoy helping, so even if the planting out passed him by, the watering needed his close supervision.

and whenever we are in the garden, all activity has to end with a game of ball, though his "Jollyball" no longer resembles a ball.

and the flowers in the garden are beginning to flourish, with Blue's assistance

Morning walks are more like morning drags, Blue will happily walk to the local park, but once we begin road walking, the paws dig in, and the pass goes in reverse, after a while he does move forward but all be it behind you. Until he knows that he is homeward bound or returning to the park, where the pace increases significantly.

Daily exercise is important, it ensures he gets good movement on his joints, and in fairness looking at the pictures below you can see where he is happiest.

Yesterday I went to Asda, while there I picked up the No1 CD by Florence + The Machine

When I got home, I noticed how apt the title was;


Until the next time here is Blue 
enjoying his holiday 
 Scotland this year.