Sunday, 24 May 2015

Normal service has resumed

Blue is back in the swing of normality, the need for a cat nap in the afternoons is surely a sign of slowing down now he is the ripe old age of seven, equivalent to being 56 in human years.

The title is normal service has resumed, because of what happened during his afternoon walk, a glove needed his attention. Why we do not know, but Blue must shred any stray glove that he finds. Today he converted the latest victim into a finger less glove. When I say fingerless, that is in the singular not plural.

Today only the tip of the index finger was removed, and Blue kindly posed with his trophy;

Blue has returned to his weekly swim, and gets good exercise, and helps him with his back. Although it is over six years ago, Blue has never fully recovered from the spinal surgery, we do notice how he can be a little wobbly on his hind legs, and rarely jumps into the back of the car, we have to lift him in, I get the sharp end and Sue gets the tail end, he sometimes looks at us in an indignant fashion, but that is part of his character.

On holiday this month in the Scottish Highlands, we avoided some of the high level walks and kept to those walks which were less challenging, and avoiding the need to scramble over rocks and boulders, though happily walk for nine miles.

This morning on our dawn walk, we came across a fox, within the grounds of the local university, just stood on the edge of the "wilderness" watching me and Blue walk along, not a murmur from Blue. This is very different to 3.00am Wednesday morning when Blue needed a wee, I took him into the back garden on his extending lead, without being attached to a lead he would wander round all night, barking at anything and nothing in equal measure, I digress, well he had his wee and then as we approached the back door, it happened.

Bold as brass stood by the car on the front drive was a young fox, that was the cue for Blue to bring out the big guns. I did well to hold him, but could do nothing about the ferocious barking, the fox retreated to the end of the drive and just stood and looked, wondering what all the fuss was about.

They say things come in 3's so out there is one more encounter waiting for Blue.

I mentioned we have just returned from Scotland, a lovely place in the Highlands, Inveralligin set on the northern shore of Upper Loch Torridon, so just a few snaps of Blue's holiday pic's until we blog again....

Making good use of the local furniture

The obstacle course, that had to be negotiated on the North Face Trail to Ben Nevis

It's a long way down!!!

Stunning views