Friday, 16 January 2015

2015 A look forward back and in the present.


Blue is dealing with the new year, as all others in the past, Continuing with swimming every week, 

disliking C-A-T-S, we have to spell it out, though any other similar words also send him into a guarding frenzy, checking all available vantage points for the feline enemy.

Squizzles (Squirrels) are a constant menace whether they be ventring onto the bird table in the back garden or merely in transit along the fence.

One thing we are grateful for is that there appears to be no return of the fur loss suffered this time last year, a trying time indeed.

With the wet days and nights, indoor activity is hard to sustain, but a popular game is chasing a ball into the kitchen from the hallway.

Blue does take his chores seriously, he has taken it upon himself to become the pre-wash cycle of the dish washer. Most times he is shut out of the kitchen, but a momentary lapse, and he takes the opportunity to perform his duty.

All things being equal, Blue continues to keep us on our toes, 
and not allowing us to become inactive couch potatoes.

On a serious note; Greetings and tolerance of those around him both human and canine have to be worked on, 

forget the C-A-T-Ss or squizzles that is a step too far.