Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Things always come in 3's

They say things come in threes, especially at this time of year.(Thinking of three wise men)

At about 5.00 am this morning, Blue was barking relentlessly, on inspection, a Milk Float was delivering down our road. 

This is not an unusual or isolated event, we all managed another 20 minutes sleep, then it was time to do the early morning walk, at 5:45 am

With darkness all around we walked up to the main road, a barking session near a hedge, revealed no hidden critters,....

Walking along the main road, Blue became very alert and agitated behind me, as I turned around, a milk float emerged from a side road. Blue was not having this, to which end, barking twisting turning and spinning round in circles the intensity grew as the vehicle approached even closer.....

Barely being able to hold this intense behaviour, I backed Blue up into a drive of a  house, to allow the milkman pass. Then to our dismay the milk float came to a stop, right by where we were stood, well when I say stood, I had planted my feet firmly on the ground holding a land shark going into a deaf roll like action. Mr Milkman said he needed to go into the house which we stood outside, so through much heaving and tugging, we made a path for him to pass.

Having got Blue up the road a little, we waited for the milkman to return to his float and drive up the road, that cost half a pocket of treats. 

When I say drive up the road, he only went about five doors down and stopped again, so we stood passionately waiting, finally, milk delivered the float drove up the road into the distance.

Blue and I then carried on with our walk, up to the end of the road, where we always cross over and return home.

Amazingly what was in the distance, waiting at the traffic lights, yes you guessed, a milk float, ironically not the same one coming back but a different one. So we had to wait for it to pass and fortunately not stop!!

So there we have it 3 different encounters with probably 3 different milk floats, (the first two instances may have been the same one just at different times.

Or was it history repeating itself; Three wise milkmen delivering their gifts.

So in tribute to the Three wise Shepherds 

Blue pays homage