Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Darker mornings but more fun time

This weekend we lost an hour as the clocks went forward for British Summer Time.

But then again unlike the rest of us Blue's body clock seems to only take a day to condition himself to those changes, and he soon adapts.

Morning walks now take place in the dark once more, and this will be the case for 3 or 4 weeks to come. Blue has his first walk around quarter to six in the morning, lasting about 25 - 30 minutes depending on distractions to sniff, or passers by to stand and stare at, along with the passing of any unusual sounding or looking vehicles, such as large lorries, noisy cars or the dreaded milk float.

This morning there must have been a fox a couple of doors down, spinning in a circle on the spot and barking, Blue was keen to announce his presence, no need for our neighbours to set their alarms, unless they wish to rise before 5:45am

Shadows, unusual shapes are all given the same attention, Blue is very very alert in the dark, eventually settling down as the walk progresses out onto the street lit main road.

I mentioned fun time, well this is the plus side, along with the lighter evenings, they are now drier and warmer, not exactly short sleeves, but no longer wrapping up against the elements.

One thing that Blue has now focused on is "cats" the merest glimpse or thought of a glimpse sends him scurrying out the back door to reclaim his turf. We can no longer even mention the word "cats" without him reacting, even similar wards sets him off

Blue is so used to the camera now he sometimes doesn't even look at what you are doing.

Blue continues to be great to have around as a companion, with his larger than life character.

One new habit Blue has formed is when you make a cup of coffee, as soon as the spoon tinkles against the cup as it is being stirred, Blue will return from the garden, go into the lounge and await his treat reward.

Who is training who, I wonder?