Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Blue loves a lolly stick

Whenever we have a magnum or similar Blue is eager to ensure there is no waste, we did stop this for a while for fear that it was related to his allergy issues.

Since that is moving in the right direction and we are only talking about a smidgen of  flavour left, we have allowed him this much enjoyed pleasure.

Funny how things work out, I was never really a doggie person as a kid or young adult, in fact they filled me with fear, so here is me holding a lolly stick for a fully grown German Shepherd who weighs in at 48 kilo (Circa 104 lbs).

Anyhow back to Blue, recently he has been helping out n the garden, in his own way, herding the mower, turning over the soil, keeping cats and squirrels away, all with the finesse of Blue's own unique style.

While out for his dawn walk yesterday it was such a nice bright morning at 6.00 am I let him off lead in the park, unusual but trying to do this whenever circumstances permit, i.e. empty park.

While off lead for no reason he focused on something, and took off, focused and intense. But without warning, explanation or calling, he stopped turned around looked at me and headed straight back. Strangest of all, there was no reason for him to run off, or return. But he looked pleased with himself, and he was duly rewarded with a treat for his actions.