Sunday, 12 August 2012

Walking photos and the Olympics, Blue style

As you can see from the body language of Blue pictured above he loves the opportunity to spend a little time off lead, though he does not protest if he remains on a lead.

Morning walks with Blue are a great way to start the day, he gets his exercise and it gets me up and out in the early morning fresh air. This morning was so picturesque with the sunrise after about ten minutes we returned home to collect the camera.

Our camera is a Nikon D90, so is not exactly a small compact camera, so this was going to be a further test for Blue, could he share his morning walk with a camera which was going to take my attention away from him. In fairness this is his walk so it had to be fine with Blue.

So we returned to the park, camera round my neck, Blue on a lead in my left hand, water bottle in my right, tennis ball, poop scoop,whistle treats etc filling my pockets. I am going to need to take either a Sherpa or rucksack if we take much more out on his walk.

Fortunately Blue had done his business on our first brief visit, so all we needed to do was enjoy the surroundings and our own company.

The reason that I had gone back for the camera was the sunrise looked really good, could Blue have the patience while I set the camera to the correct modes and take a photo.

Bingo, great result, no fuss no pulling barking or any other protestations, we had our shot of the sunrise.

No, this shot won't win any photographic awards, but it was very rewarding. Nature provided a scene worthy of capturing, Nikon provided the technology to capture and process it, what the camera does not show is the scene behind the camera. Blue on a short lead waiting patiently for me to finish.

After taking a few more pictures with different settings in manual mode, time to focus on Blue.

Once more out come the trusty tennis ball for some off lead play time. After several throws of the ball, it dawned on me to combine the two, taking photos of Blue playing fetch.

Before writing this Blog we put together a short clip of photos for you tube to share.

Play time lasted for about ten minutes, we both enjoyed these moments of sharing what we enjoy.

It is a great reward to have moments like today. They help you realise why the bond with man and dog is so strong. Having Blue as a companion epitomises the relationship together, we share so many emotions and experiences.

People have commented in the past what a lucky dog Blue is, well fate plays a huge part in luck as also does the phrase "you get out of life what you put in".

Blue has not had an easy life and meets all challenges head on, only now can you see all the hard work and caring for him has paid dividends.

So we had discovered a new side of Blue, patience and sharing, even at the age of 4 1/2, he is willing to learn.

For a brief time recently I had thought about doing some agility training, such as the weave poles, but after consulting a trainer who knows Blue's medical history, that idea has been put aside as not a good idea. However it was suggested obedience training, now that has interested us, we will see what it entails.

Part of morning walk requires us to cross a footbridge over the train line for the Reading to Waterloo Station in London, as we pawsed (excuse the pun) to take another photo opportunity, I thought how many people would pass this way today to travel by train to London to watch the final day and closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, I hope their day is as memorable as ours has been.



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