Saturday, 25 August 2012

Trip to the vets

It is that time of the year, Blue is due his annual trip to the vets to have his booster.

The importance of the booster is essential for Blue to be protected from the nasty bugs and bacteria that could cause life threatening diseases, but the term booster does tickle me. Before we set off to the local vets Blue decided it would be a good time to play rough, it is easy to get drawn into his games, but he does play a bit dirty at times.

With a stern look from my wife Sue, both Blue and I knew now was not the right time to wind each other up.

Our local vet has a few places to visit, today we are going to the one in London Road, to see his favourite vet Adrian. When I say favourite, the only one who has a bad memory is Blue, but their history goes way back. Adrian was the vet who immediately diagnosed the spinal problem that Blue had when he was six months old. A speedy appointment to Fitzpatrick Referrals, was one we would forever appreciate.

Blue is well familiar with this local vets, we took him there as a puppy for the open days to get him familiar with visiting a veterinary practice, well it kind of worked, but Blue is Blue, and he likes to make an impact.

On our arrival we were greeted by the receptionist, who was cradling a five month old puppy, the poor thing had to have its left eye removed, she explained it had been in an altercation with a cat, and as a result the eye was so badly damaged it had needed removal by surgery. Poor little mite.

So we were booked in, and next job was to weigh Blue. On previous visits we had been told at 45 kilo's Blue was really at the top end of where his weight should be. Much to our surprise settling on the scales up went the digital readout to 47 kilo's. That would mean there was work to be done, with his history of his spine, Blue needs to remain fit and trim. Like all pet owners they look ok to us, but the scales don't lie. Blue has a healthy well balanced diet and plenty of exercise, so it is probably the reward treats that is pushing his weight up, no problem, he will now have to work harder for fewer rewards.

Even though Blue and Adrian go back a long way, Blue likes to go into the vets in fancy dress, today he is going as Hannibal Lecture, he likes the menacing look, and gets into the part very well with the growling and barking, and prancing.

Blue as his favourite character from Silence of the Lambs

As the door to the vets opened, Blue and the exiting Spaniel exchanged looks and woofs, the owner explaining that if Blue had been a small dog her dog would have ignored him, but she does like to challenge the bigger breeds. Her little girl said that Blue was a big dog, which we cannot deny, the scales do not lie, and asked what his name was. When we said it was Blue, she said that she liked him.

After a few moments wait, Adrian, Blues favourite vet, summoned us in. Blue played his role well, but remained on a tight leash. After a general check over Blue was ushered round into position for his booster.

I think a sedative might have been more in order.

With his current weight revealed, Adrian did not need to tell us what we knew, that extra weight needed to go, for the long term health and benefit of Blue.

To ensure his mobility was not being hindered we went back out into the waiting room so the vet could assess his gait and movement. He was happy that Blue was moving nice and freely without any undue stresses or strains.Not eaactly the parade ring at Cruft's, but Blue did walk well to heel.

When Blue was recovering from his spinal op a few years back, we were advised to keep an eye on his gait. I am not sure if it is true of all German Shepherds, but Blue can look slightly awkward when walking at a slow pace, and the longer you watch him the worse he gets, but he is fine, no concerns today.

The check up was over, all that was required was to exchange some money and obtain his worming tablets.

But before we parted with our money Blue had taken to a new friend "Kong Cozie"

New family addition

We returned home via a well earned walk around the campus at the University of Reading, and the trip to the vets was but a distant memory.

Time to help the new member of Blue's family to settle in