Thursday, 4 February 2016

Support #WorldCancerDay

Blue is today living with cancer, thanks to a lot of research and dedicated people, some brave souls no longer with us today.

Blue was diagnosed with a tumor that was cancerous last October, he has so far had life threatening major abdominal surgery and four sessions of Chemotherapy.

Cancer in animals is not as rare as one might think, but as with humans they can contract many different forms, Blue has a cancer that could ultimately cost him his life, we do not know when or how that day will come.

We were once told in a tweet that "Blue does not know what tomorrow is, he only lives for today".

With that thought in our minds we help Blue live for today, and ensure no matter how many more days there are, that each one will be the best it could be.

Both my wife and I lost our mothers to this dreadful condition, and this has helped us in our understanding caring for Blue.

Our heart felt thanks extends to all those dedicated Staff that help people and animals afflicted with a condition that knows few boundaries, is relentless and non-discriminate.

We give special thanks on behalf of Blue to Fitzpatrick Referrals, who have had the dedication and foresight to set up their Oncology and Soft Tissue research unit in Guildford Surrey.

In our Support for WorldCancerDay we proudly wear Unity bands from Cancer Research UK