Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Under (the weather and the water)

Poor old Blue has had a few days of severely upset tummy, but this morning he has finally completed his recovery. Without being too graphic he suffered after a few tasty morsels from the next door neighbours BBQ, sausages and chicken pieces etc.

The effect on him was very dramatic, making a mess of the kitchen hallway and upstairs landing, the loss of so much fluid caused an element of dehydration, and generally became very clingy.

There is no apparent long lasting effects, but with a carefully managed diet of the right food, he soon got over the sickness and diarrhoea.

This morning we had "conkers" as I described his business to my wife.........who ever walks Blue reports back on condition of his deposits.

Blue will be swimming tonight, Wednesday, as per usual being he is over the worse for his experience. Last week we used our new GoPro to film his underwater swimming action

Really good fun to film and watch back afterwards, you can tell how much he enjoys his sessions in the pool.

He has also continued to find discarded and lost balls in the hedgerows of the local park, some are behind chain-link fencing on the railway side of the fence, he knows they are there, he points them out, but is not too bothered when we move await without getting the ball.

Blue has also been housebound more than usual as we are putting up a new boundary fence, but he always checks out the progress.....

Thanks for reading, and please share Blue's experiences where you can