Friday, 17 April 2015

Holiday coming soon.

Soon Blue will be sat in the back of the car and enduring a 13 hour car journey to the Highlands of Scotland.

Blue is no stranger to both the journey or the location, this being the seventh time he has done such a journey. Along with the Lake district he really feels at home once we are there.

He has been keeping well, continuing with his weekly swim at Aquadoggies, where the ball he plays with helps keep him active and entertained, though he still has a bit of a clumsy care free side while running around the pool, on Wednesday as he tried to cut short one corner, his back end went in the pool, but he recovered and just carried on. Although we have lots of pictures, this week I got some close ups.

A short clip below from a previous visit

Good news that the skin infections that caused severe fur loss last year did not return this year and he remains healthy and active.

Last week he stayed at home and looked after the house, while we went to London to see Les Miserables, with a visit by our good neighbour Anne, one of only three others that Blue could be trusted to let into the house while we are not around, when we returned we were told he was as good as gold, just as his Pedigree name "Folkvang Good As Gold"

This weekend he will be on his own once again while we visit Wembley to watch Reading FC take on Arsenal FC in the FA Cup, you can see below where Blue's loyalties lie

Come on you Blues!!

We will be leaving as late as possible, just in case the game goes to extra time, but with Anne keeping him company at different times, he probably won't miss us until we walk back in the door.

Walking with Blue was a bit of challenge this morning, while in the park he took  a dislike to a jogger, pulling, barking, starring just pure obsession. Best of all the jogger never came within 20 yards of him, the majority of the time the jogger was the other side of the park. Causing me to have to drag Blue, walking backwards for most of his dawn walk.

Blue has now mastered ESP or something, perhaps it is a GSD form of ESP. When we sit to watch to TV in the evening, he will stand and stare either in my face or my wife Sue's face to get us to let him out the back door for a wee or a bark or as normal both. He will then come back in and stare at his water bowl or the back of Sue's head, until water is added to the bowl, even if it wasn't empty. Each and every time he expects a reward for this behaviour, however he does not always receive such reward.

It is good to see a new series of "Supervet" back on Channel 4; The work done by Noel Fitzpatrick is absolutely amazing. For Blue the outcome of his work is appreciated each and every day, this week an episode we watched was heartbreaking where a six month hold German Shepherd had both elbow and hip dysplasia, the outcome was Euthanasia, which was hard to watch but the right decision made by the brave owner.

So until the next blog

Keep your friends close by.