Sunday, 8 June 2014

Just another weekend for Blue

Well it has been an active weekend for Blue.

It all started Friday tea time, we headed off to the local B&Q  

Because it was too warm to leave Blue in the car, I stayed with Blue in the car park while Sue went and got the plants.

Hastily she had returned with two bags of bark, which I loaded onto the trailer, while she returned to get some plants.  

This was an opportune time to get Blue out of the car, and wander around the parking area, though you can see what he enjoyed most.

Admirers were kept at bay, anyone approaching was barked a warning, but few people get too close to Blue, he has a selective audience.

He was well behaved and enjoyed his trip in the trailer, probably would have sat in there while we drove off, but that is never going to happen.

Friday evening, he played with his bubbles in the garden (See video clip below)

Saturday was spent lazing around, except for "Tweeting" with #TheAviators

But Sunday

Once up, he was walked for 30 minutes, home had breakfast, and expected him to rest, no chance.

A squirrel ran along the garden fence, and Blue went berserk, trampling and scattering anything in his way, all as he was barking his warning to the squirrel. This would not be so bad, but we are talking before 7.00am on a Sunday morning.

No sooner he was settled, then he heard a noise and went barking to the side gate.

Neighbours or wife not impressed, time to take control, but there was one last hurrah, when the neighbours dog barked, guess who joined in.

Eventually, we reached nine o'clock and began some gardening, along with Blues trusty assistance. 

Some of the moments are captured on this short movie, on YouTube.

Blue has had a break from swimming recently, due to an ear infection. The treatment prescribed by the vet has been successful, so Blue will be swimming on Wednesday.

If you want to follow Blue on twitter search for @BluetheGSD