Thursday, 20 February 2014

Blood test results are in

Last week we received the eagerly awaited results of Blues blood test, to see if an allergy was responsible for his ongoing problem with scratching itching and biting himself.

Sadly it has not pointed to one specific thing, 

Blue has shown a positive reaction to the following (Scores of 100+ are positive)
  • Grasses
  1. Ryegrass
  2. Meadow Fescue
  3. Cocks Foot
  • Weeds
  1. Sheep Sorrel
  2. Lamb's Quaters
  3. Yellow Dock
  4. Ragweed
  • Trees
  1. Oak
  2. Beech
  3. Willow
  4. Olive
  • Fungi
  1. Aureobasidium pullulans
  • Foods
  1. Lamb
  2. White potato
  3. Tomato
  4. Carrots
  5. Duck
  • Insects
  1. Mosquito

The highest scores sit in weeds and grasses ranging between 115 & 178

As we had previously changed his food, we have had to change it once more, as his previous food contained potato and lamb.

Blue is now being fed James Wellbeloved, Turkey & Rice, which also has coconut oil and Bionic Biotic powder on top, which sounds more like a preparation for a chemistry experiment.

So poor Blue is still itching,scratching and nibbling, making many parts of his body sore and open wounds, he still has his daily walks in the park, along with the usual road walking.

His much loved swimming at Aquadoggies is still on hold until further notice, though we may resume this some time soon.

The hard plastic buster collar was very unforgiving on us and Blue, so he has now been fitted with a much softer user friendly version, in fact he seems very much attached to it, occasionally we will put his muzzle on, though he is still able to lick through the gaps.

Blue seems reasonably contented when he is not scratching, but once he starts it is difficult to get him to stop, to the point he now has open wounds on the elbow joints of his right foreleg. The wife puts Sudacream on to prevent infections getting in.

We do hope the change in diet will turn this around, but if not, we will return to the vets to see if there is anything else to consider as a remedy.

Night vision

Blue is still out and about, here he is in his hi-viz coat in the early evening sunshine