Wednesday, 8 January 2014

New lead, new day and new cat

To avoid a chance of yesterday's events happening, Blue had a new lead.

My preference would have been like for like, but his old Wainwright nylon lead, wide band,was no longer on sale, the next best option was a leather lead.

So with his new lead attached off we set this morning for Blue's dawn walk at 5:40am The rain had taken a rest and it was a mild morning at 7 deg C

As we set off, Blue announced to the world, we were out and about. Heading up out of our road up to the main road, all felt well and comfortable with his new lead, hanging down loosely between the two of us as we walked along, very relaxed.

On the main road all was well, until out of nowhere Blue lunged towards a garden / drive, this time I stood firm with a strong grip, and after a couple of "No's" and a shake of his water bottle the lead relaxed.

There a little way up the drive of this house sat proudly not fazed, sat a new foe, a large ginger tom cat, different from the white one that yesterday scarped.

Order restored we carried onto the traffic lights, where we turn around and head back down the road, as we approached the house where Blue went on his wild cat chase yesterday, not even a sideways glance from Blue, but he did look up the alley as we passed.

We had passed the test, the lead had passed the test, time to finish off his walk and head off for breakfast.

There are two alleys that lead to our road, the second alley is further down the road, half way down this alley something moved in the dark, but we all stayed attached by the lead, it was working well under the strain, until we reached our house Blue continued to scan the darkness for signs of life.

In the darkness he has such a high sensitivity to sounds or movements, he is constantly alert, but we arrived safely home, just in time for breakfast.

So on this new day the new lead worked when we see a new cat,
 but the old habits remain.