Saturday, 2 November 2013

Not exactly Humpty Dumpty

Strange title, but here the tale goes.

 Each evening after dinner is done, Blue has a ritual which must be obeyed, resistance is futile, as proved in the past.

 Last night into the dark back garden we went, as is customary the football would be Blues focus of attention. With the Sue's first throw of the ball,Blue knocked it straight into a clay "Owl", sending it tumbling to the floor, breaking into two halves, oh well accidents happen.

 Changing tack I kicked the ball hard, so that it would bounce off the garden wall, with a thud it rebounded with Blue in hot pursuit, unfortunately Blue was not quick enough to prevent the ball, striking an ornate "Rabbit" figurine. As the rabbit tumbled to the ground, his fall was broken by his left ear, well to be more accurate, his ear was broken off upon his fall.

 So two strikes and we have two casualties, but for Blue the game is still to be played. Without any further casualties the game lasted for 10 minutes or so before retiring to watch a film on the TV. (Scream4, the least said about that the better).

 Blue has been keeping in good health, enjoying his weekly swim, thankfully taking very little notice of the fireworks going off in the evening, but finding the shorter daylight restrictive.

This week I have resumed walking Blue at the crack of dawn, well actually we are normally returning home long before the sun makes its daily appearance. Normally we are out shortly after 5.30 am; Blue likes to get up and do his business early.

Blue is still very, very protective, and in darkness or poor light, his senses really are on full alert, this week we saw cats scattering upon our approach, a cyclists having to swerve out of the way as Blue took exception to him riding past, me nearly being dragged into someones garden, to follow god knows what. It is also customary for Blue to announce he is out on patrol as he leaves the house in the morning. As we leave the front door he barks in a rat-a-tat machine gun bark, and looks around to see if anything has dared moved.Surely loved and appreciated by our sleeping neighbours.

 Oh and then there is the feasting of discarded food tossed aside in the night by those souls returning home from the pubs and clubs, with takeaways they are unable to finish. On Thursday, Blue dived into a hedge and came out with a whole piece of fried chicken in breadcrumbs, unfortunately for him as he let go to get a better purchase, i was able to pull him away from it. Much to his disgust!

So what has the title "Not exactly Humpty Dumpty" got to do with Blue.

The Owl and the Rabbit have been put back together again.
Owl and bunny glued back together 

and returned to their spot in the garden
Not such a cross bunny

Owl be back

Blue shows his caring side, checking to see if the rabbit is ok

Happy little bunnies

Now it is time to relax