Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Blue gets his booster

Blue visited the vets last night for his annual booster. We travel a couple of miles to our local vet Abbey vets, which have been Blues vets since a puppy, just over 5 years now.

As the back door opened in the car Blue was raring to go, attaching his short Wainwright leash, we made fast tracks across the car park, taking all my weight and strength to hold him back.

Barging through the doors into an empty waiting room, Blue looked around and then up at me as if to say where is everyone, what do we do now!

While waiting, as per usual we take the opportunity to weigh Blue. Manoeuvring him around, first attempt, we noticed he had slid one back foot off, readjusting him, he then was leaning with his back against the wall. Finally sat on the scales, in his entirety, 47.2 Kilo's (104 lbs) slightly up on his last visit.

So we took our seats after he had been booked in at reception, taking the opportunity to put his muzzle on in a calm environment.

On time the female vet opened the door and said Blue, you are next. On entering the consultation room Blue began to bark towards the vet, muted partly by the muzzle.

We explained that Blue was in good health and he required his annual booster, so with syringe, in hand the wife held his head while i held a tight reign on his leash; Quicker than you can say Blue, the jab was in and out, without a flinch.

The consultation was conducted for a further five minutes with Blue relaxed and sniffing around, still on his leash and wearing his muzzle.

This was also a good opportunity to obtain a worming tablet, which we collected at reception, along with a new furry friend a rabbit "Wubba"

Back into the car we went home for Blue to play with his new friend.

Blue plays with his new mate