Friday, 23 August 2013

BluetheGSD Twitter

Following numerous other twitters, thought the time was right to set up Blue with his own account.

As well as simple day to day activities it will be a chance to share some of his actions and reactions to things in his doggie world.

All views will be an interpretation into the way he responds, and to give it a bit more personality I will learn to use some of the lingo as used by others.

OTRB. Over the rainbow bridge. Doggie resting place after they have passed away, just like humans
BOL Barks out loud
Humans. That would be other people
Hudad;; My human dad
Humum; My human mum
Furdad; My doggie dad
Furmum; My doggie mum
Furbro; Brothers from my litter
Fursis; Sisters from my litter

* current action/activity

There are probably loads more to learn, if others dislike it or find it inappropriate, then my suggestion is either read it for the fun it is, or don't read it your choice.

As said on many previous blogs, Blue is very special, and what he gives us is so much, there is enough to share out.

So if you know any phrases we can join in with, share them with Blue on his twitter page, he will always follow, those with good intentions who share the view that life is for living and fun helps the journey.

Remember to follow @bluethegsd "Bol"