Sunday, 11 November 2012

Lake District (7 of 14)

Blue and Sue framed

Day 7 had arrived and Blue was in the swing of holiday walking. We now had our routine set out and with dawn walk breakfast and ablutions done and dusted today we were going to have another low level walk combined with no excursion in the car.

It was nice to have a walk from the cottage, today our destination would be in and around Keswick and Derwent Water. This was always going to be one of Blue's least favourite walks. Well when I say least favourite that is not entirely accurate.

This walk will mean plenty of people will be around us. Blue is a very handsome dog who attracts many compliments, but are best appreciated from afar. This is the socialisation side that Blue missed out in his younger years, but we still continue to work on. Blue likes to look, but is very guarded about being approached by anyone else other than Sue or me.

Following a brief walk along the outskirts of the town, we entered Crow Park, looking down onto the Northern shore of Derwent Water and in the shadows of Skiddaw mountain range. Here we came across a picture frame set on the hillside, very ingenious, Blue could have a framed photo with Sue, attached with Halti lead and carrying his trusty water bottle.

The water bottle works so well, Blue respects it as an enforcer to challenge unwanted behaviour, but is relaxed enough to drink from it when thirsty, or seeking attention.

Crow Park like many places is frequented by both Sheep and people, so Blue being on his Halti lead gives a bit more control, but today thus far he has just enjoyed the walk and being out and about.

We passed the boat launch, with no surprise to encounter other canine visitors, all shapes and sizes some on leads and some off, Blue remained on his Halti, occasionally doing his tigger impression, but no harm or malice to others.

As we neared Friars Crag it was difficult to get through as the number of people made it more important to keep Blue under very close control, Blue was starting to relax enough for all around him to equally relax, we came across a nice bench to have a brief rest and take a photo.

It was time to leave the busy copse of Friars Crag, and head down to the shoreline of Derwent Water.

Down at the waters edge is a place Blue enjoys. It is strange that although he goes swimming once a week he has never been one for getting in the sea or lakes, somehow I think if I were to go in he would follow. Today was not going to be that day, although it is still summer, it is certainly not warm enough for that.

But Blue gets chance to give the paws a moisten in the famous Derwent Water.

We keep Blue on a lead, mainly due to our concern that people or sheep do not appreciate being approached by a fully grown German Shepherd, whether friendly or otherwise. Blue does not do things slowly either. Blue has never chased after anyone, but the fear is, because of his breed the outcome would not be a good one, whether physical contact was made or not, so we do keep Blue on a lead as much for his well being as for others.

One thing Blue enjoys is wood, branches, logs, trees you name it. 

All wood is fair game.

Once the tree / driftwood held no further interest we continued the walk, considering all the rains we have had recently the going was soft but not too muddy, though Blue did accumulate some of the dirt he just as quickly cleansed himself splashing through the waters edge.

Heading East, took us back inland, surprise surprise we came across some sheep. It was very encouraging as the sheep and Blue once again played no heed to each other, in fact it was as relaxed a meeting as I had ever seen, at one point we passed close by a group of sheep that did not break grazing, even when we stopped to take their photo.

Leaving the sheep behind we passed through a copse which was a bit more boggy, though the path made the going a little easier, as we reached a timber bridge crossing a small beck, we allowed the travelling group to cross from the far side, the greyhound under his own steam but the little white terrier was carried to safety, with the bridge clear we trundled across, on this occasion I got the impression that Blue may have favoured crossing without the bridge, but duly applied to our command to follow our chosen path.

As we entered a clearing we spotted a number of people looking back towards us. Was it due to the arrival of Blue, no, as we followed their gaze it was a beautiful rainbow behind us, this was well worthy of a photo or ten.

Blue waited very patiently, while we admired and photographed this show put on by nature, he was happy people watching, a trend he is now beginning to master.

Having our fill of natures spectacle it was time to carrying on the walk with another of natures other wondrous creation, Blue. After passing through other fields and small copses we came across another clearing at the waters edge, with more branches / driftwood to attract Blues attention.

Once Blue had his fill it was just enough time to reflect on the marvels he was to leave behind, before setting out on a return journey which would encounter a road walk of around about a mile or so. This is something again in the past we had positively avoided as Blue is not too relaxed around passing cars, but he was now a little tired and had a good play, so was so much more relaxed, again another opportunity to experience previous demons.

Our return back to the cottage was welcome and gave us chance to reflect on a walk that had been just shy of three hours, plenty of activity both physically and mentally, little climbing once again, but it is a great chance for Blue to experience being around people and traffic.

There was one photo that stood out for me today, and my thought that Blue was thinking :-

It's good here, shall we stay, or come back sometime soon, 

I like it here, 

can we?